Pull on your shorts, grab your boogie board and head on down to Belly Button Bay to ‘hang ten’ with the Roodie Noodies – the cutest, coolest and cheekiest crew of seaside characters you’re ever likely to meet!

The Roodie Noodies are little beach dwelling creatures that are perfectly adapted to life by the seashore. If you see a sandcastle, chances are there’s a Roodie Noodie burrowing around underneath it!

Roodie Noodies are by nature mischievous, inquisitive and inventive. They love to play games on the beach and ingeniously find ways of recycling the debris that is left behind by humans or washed up on the shore. Roodie Noodies don’t try to be eco-friendly they simply are eco-friendly – it’s in their genes!

They use lolly sticks as surf boards and they build kite buggies with old bits of towel, crab line and buttons. Their underground Sand Shack is stuffed full with all sorts of cool gadgets and gizmos that are fashioned out of beach flotsam and jetsam.

Another unique feature of the Roodies Noodies are their belly button tooters. These amusing, trumpet-like extensions of their belly buttons are their special way of expressing their emotions, getting each other’s attention or simply tooting a great tune!

Wouldn’t it be great to have your very own belly button tooter?!

Music plays a big part in the lives of the Roodie Noodies. They love to hang out at Belly Button Bay’s premiere music venue – The Rockin’ Rockpool – and ‘toot’ along to the biggest bands. They even have their own band which has been known to blast out a few numbers around the bay!

Roodie Noodies combines fun, sun and cheeky bums in a totally unique brand that’s sure to make a splash in the kids market!
Roodie Noodies

Welcome To Belly Button Bay

Ask any young kid their favourite place to visit and you can bet ‘the beach’ will be near the top of the list. So what better place to locate this aspirational and action-packed series than Belly Button Bay which represents the archetype of an ideal seaside location.

With its golden sands and azure shoreline, this is a place that conjures up feelings of endless summer holidays, jumping over waves, yummy picnics, playing games and building sandcastles – in other words, the perfect kids’ day out.

This idyllic beach and its surroundings are home to the Roodie Noodies and as the sun rises over the bay this is when they come out to play.

Our heroes are usually woken by the squawks of the bay’s self appointed alarm clock – Flip Flop the seagull. There’s no chance of a lie in when this nerdy birdie is around!

Whilst being inquisitive, the Roodie Noodies are very wary of humans and tend to only appear from their underground Sand Shack well before the hoards arrive at the beach. That’s why you’ve probably never seen one!


When the Roodie Noodies pop out of their sandcastles, each morning offers a new adventure, new objects to find and the chance to have an absolute blast on the beach – from boogie boarding to dune buggying, dancing and singing to playing games and tooting up a storm – these guys know how to have fun!


Vision and Vibe

Roodie Noodies is unashamedly about making kids laugh. The cheekiness of the characters, the craziness of the stories and the pure joy of the location are all aimed to put a smile on young faces (and their parents too!).

Roodie Noodies celebrates the kind of cheeky, harmless fun a parent enjoys with their kids, allowing both to share the joke and participate in the banter.

The series will be visually and directorially distinctive with our unique and engaging characters leading the way. The design style of the show has flowed out of the characters with the three fingered hand shape becoming an iconic motif replicated in the clouds, the trees and even the shape of the bay itself!

Roodie Noodies will have visual flare which perfectly complements the dynamic nature of the characters. The use of creative split screens and high-end editing techniques will give the series a contemporary on-screen energy and at times be similar in style to a music video.

The creative use of music, comedy sound effects and voice talent will give Roodie Noodies a distinctive ‘sound’ as well as look. The tracks will draw from an eclectic range of influences – eg. surf punk, reggae, pop rock and calypso – adding another layer to the ‘sunny funny’ vibe of the show.

In short, Roodie Noodies promises to be a visual and aural treat!

Meet the Roodie Noodies

These cheeky little dudes and dudettes have a natural joie de vivre that makes them great fun to be around. They ingeniously find uses for whatever they discover and have created their very own mini community with quirky homemade contraptions, underground dens and a way of life that is uniquely their own.

Noodies are pretty excitable at the best of times but the thing that really floats their boat are the precious nurdles they find on the beach. To humans, nurdles are tiny, insignificant balls of plastic – to the Roodie Noodies they have become a form of currency and are much prized – like finding a gold nugget!

The other preoccupation of our gang are their ‘Roodie Smoothies’ which they make in some weird and wonderful flavours! These drinks are their staple diet and so they’ve become masters of smoothie mixology.

Lollie is the natural leader of the Roodie Noodies. She’s practical and organized, if a little bit bossy – a quarter pint–sized Tank Girl!
Lollie Montage

She’s the most resourceful Roodie Noodie and is always coming up with new creations in the Sand Shack workshop. Lollie’s designed some amazing contraptions for the crew including kite buggies, mountain boards and waveskis. All of them are built from beach debris and natural materials. Lollie uses the catch phrase “brain wave” when a good idea pops into her head.

As the most responsible Roodie Noodie she always makes sure everyone wears their Jelly Squirts sun cream when outside. There’s no fun in the sun until they slap on the Jelly Squirts!

Lollie does let her guard down from time to time to show off her more playful side. Her dance moves and ‘tooting’ have to be seen to be believed!

When Shoobie finally gets out of bed, he’s the kind of guy who wants to help but often ends up causing more problems than there were in the first place! Basically, he’s a loveable klutz.
Shoobie Montage

He’s is the biggest hoarder of the group and collects anything and everything the sea washes in. He stores the stuff all over the Sand Shack – which really gets on Lollie’s nerves! No matter how hard she tries to keep things tidy, Shoobie will always have a new batch of ‘treasure’ to mess up the place.

Shoobie’s not been over blessed in the brain department and has the tendency to get the wrong end of the stick – this can lead to some gentle wind-ups by his fellow Roodie Noodies.

Despite his clumsiness on land, Shoobie is like a dolphin in the water. He’s the best surfer and swimmer of the group – a true beach dude!

Shellie is the youngest member of the group and is a bit of a girly girl. She seems to have boundless energy like a hyper puppy dog and has an infectiously optimistic outlook.
Shellie Montage

She’s also the most ‘arty’ Roodie Noodie and enjoys decorating the Shack and the objects used by the gang. Her lolly stick surf board designs are legendary!

Shellie is very musical and loves to sing and dance her heart out at the Rockin’ Rockpool. Her moves can sometimes get a bit over enthusiastic and have even been known to cause some damage!

There’s a naive side to Shellie which can sometimes get her into trouble but this is also a hugely endearing trait which often leads to some hilariously cute misunderstandings.

Rockie is a laid back kinda guy, an iceman under pressure and physically very strong. He’s the tough man of the group and is very protective of his fellow Roodie Noodies. You can often find him working out in the Sand Shack’s purpose built gym!
Rockie Montage

But Rockie is not all machismo and muscles – he has a sensitive side too. He loves the natural environment of the Bay and is good friends with many of the other local creatures. This tough guy’s even been known to shed a tear at the sight of a beautiful sunset or the cry of lonesome guillemot. Don’t you dare call him a wuss though!

Rockie is a fantastic scavenger and is often the one to discover something new and exciting on the beach like a misplaced smartphone which then becomes a cool high tech music system for the Sand Shack!


Other Characters

Flip Flop
Flip Flop

Flip Flop is the comical, nerdy bird-brained seagull who is always sticking his beak into the Roodie Noodies’ business. You’ll probably hear Flip Flop before you see him – the combined racket of his squawking, flapping and noisy footwear are a sure sign he’s on his way!

As a highly strung bird, Flip Flop is very easy to wind up – which the Roodie Noodies have turned into a fine art. Where they are beach bum cool he is patently not cool. He’s an affectionate figure of fun – they all like him but he drives them mad!

Flip Flop considers himself the sage of Belly Button Bay and can regularly be heard spouting nonsense dressed up as wisdom. Occasionally the Roodie Noodies fall into the trap of believing him which inevitably leads to a comical payoff. Flip Flop has also been known to play practical jokes on the Roodie Noodies but they always backfire. Will he ever learn? Nah.

He’s called Flip Flop because he’s never seen without his favourite pair of bright blue flip flops. He thinks they’re the height of fashion – which, of course, they’re not!

The Bolshie Bins

Overlooking the golden sands of Belly Button Bay is a refuse and re-cycling point and this is where you’ll find our pair of trash talking bins!

These two are a comical double act who’ll serve as an aside to the main story unfolding on the beach. They’ll sometimes comment on the action they see below them and at other times simply exchange some witty bin-type banter!

There’s a bit of needle between the Roodie Noodies and this sarky pair of bins because those mischievous little so-and-sos have been known to pilfer things out of them! The fact the Roodies also regularly clean up the beach on their scavenging missions means there’s less ‘food’ for the bins – another big source of irritation.

The big bin could best be described as the straight man of the pair. He has a very deep voice and is quite vain. The small bin, by contrast, has a very high-pitched voice and is as ditzy as they come. Talking rubbish has never been this much fun!

Bolshie Bins
Beach Posse
The Beach Posse

In addition to these regular characters there’ll be an ensemble of seaside wildlife who’ll appear when necessary in each episode. Sometime they’ll have a featured role and at other times they’ll serve as ‘extras’.

There’s a fantastically rich mix of creatures to choose from – here are just a few: the crafty crabs, synchronised shrimps, glow fish, jiving jelly fish, limboing limpets, wakeboarding whelks, mussels, star fish, urchins, flatworms, sea squirts and the clapping clams!

Key Locations

Belly Button Bay and its environs offer a fantastic mix of location opportunities.

Whether it’s riding the surf, jumping the dunes or zipping along the flat sands on their kite buggies – this is the Roodie Noodies’ ultimate place for fun in the sun!

As well as the beach and shoreline there’s also the rock pools, the pier, the up-turned boat (which doubles as a Roodie Noodie entertainment complex!) and of course the surf which is where our gang like to play the most.

It’s safe to say they’ll never be a shortage of exciting ‘exteriors’ to explore!

Sand Shack
The Sand Shack

Burrowed underneath the golden sands of Belly Button Bay, and accessed only via the secret tunnels below the sandcastles, lies the home of the Roodie Noodies – their aspirational and super cool Sand Shack.

This self-made living space is an amazing subterranean crib where the Roodie Noodies return after a fun packed day on the beach.

The Sand Shack has it all – a living room, bedroom, workshop, gym, art studio, games room and kitchen. Every room is packed full of homemade gizmos and recycled stuff the Roodie Noodies have accumulated on their adventures.

If they can’t make it, they find it and if they can’t find it they don’t need it! It’s a simple way of life but it works.

The Sand Shack has many of the features of a modern home such their tiny fridge packed full of homemade ‘Roodie Smoothies’ and their mobile shell phone. This series revels in the comedy of scale and how something tiny and insignificant to humans can become an amazing Roodie Noodie accessory – tin can Jacuzzis, hanky hammocks, a funky sunglasses lens mirror...

Whilst the majority of the action in each episode will take place above ground we will use the Shack to reveal more of the domestic/family life of the Roodie Noodies.

Rockin' Rockpool at Night
The Rockin’ Rock Pool

This is one of the favourite hang outs for the Roodie Noodies. The Rockin’ Rockpool is Belly Button Bay’s premiere music venue and it’s where you can catch performances by the bay’s best bands.

These include MC Squirts, The Beach Buoys, Snoop Doggie Dog Fish and Hake That. Every day is a party day at the Rockin’ Rock Pool!


Storyline Shorties

Tooter Trouble

There’s something stuck in Shoobie’s belly button tooter. How did it get there and how can they get it out? They try all sorts of remedies including sudden shocks and the Roodie Noodie equivalent of the Heimlich Manoeuvre. The mystery object turns out to be a misplaced nurdle which, of course, soon cheers up a relieved Shoobie!

Regatta Rascals

It’s regatta week in Belly Button Bay and everyone is excited at having the chance to win the coveted Sand Dollar Shield. The Roodie Noodies are entering a team but they have to beat the notorious beach cheaters – the Crafty Crabs! Will good prevail? Of course it will but not before an almighty battle on the high seas.

Muscle Beach

Who’s the strongest in Belly Button Bay? This looks like a perfect opportunity for Rockie to shine but he’s going to have some stiff competition from the limber limpets and the aptly named mussels. Everyone is taken by surprise when Lollie, with a bit of Roodie Noodie ingenuity, wins the day and a jumbo bag of nurdles!

Rain Rain Go Away

The Roodie Noodies have planned a picnic out on the beach with games and smoothies a plenty but when they appear from their sandcastles the rain is pelting down. Lollie has the idea of doing a sun dance (cue the music track!) which Shoobie thinks is crazy until they try it and it works! Spurred on, Shoobie decides to make up dances to make other unlikely events happen like the ‘Shellie must give me her smoothie’ dance.

Buoy Oh Buoy

A big orange buoy has washed up on the beach at Belly Button Bay and causes quite a stir. Having not seen anything like it before, Shellie thinks the sun might have fallen out of the sky – it’s big, round and orange after all. It’s only when Rockie points out the sun is still in the sky that Shellie’s panic is averted!

Roodie Smoothies

An argument has been brewing between the girl and boy Roodie Noodies – who makes the best smoothie? They decide to set up rival stalls on the beach to see who manages to sell the most. Very soon the boys realise they’re losing and so they sabotage the girls drinks with stinky seaweed. However their plan backfires when the new recipe makes the girls drinks even more popular making them the runaway winners!

Star Fish

Roodie Noodies turn star makers as they launch the Star Fish talent contest. All kinds of sealife enter – from juggling jelly fish to the synchronised shrimps. But the Roodie Noodies discover that being a talent judge is not as much fun as it looks – especially when everyone thinks they’re a winner!

Laugh and Learn

Whilst the main objective of Roodie Noodies is to entertain there will certainly be some ‘under the radar’ educative content that will give viewers an even richer experience of the series. Here are a few areas that will help kids learn as they laugh...

Safe Sun

The Roodie Noodies always practice ‘safe sun’ and Lollie makes sure they never go out to play on the beach without slapping on their Jelly Squirts Sun Cream! This sequence would be played out in the show as a short generic song and dance number which will help to make the message even more ‘grabby’.

Lollie Suncream

Central to the life style of the Roodie Noodies is their ability recycle and reuse what they find on the beach. They not only tidy up after human litter louts but they ingeniously use this rubbish to create fantastic appliances and accessories to improve their lives. This element can be explored further by viewers online though games and ‘make and dos’ that encourage kids to care for their planet.

Working together

The Roodie Noodies are both a team and a ‘family’. Sometimes they work really well together and at other times they don’t. Either way, kids watching at home can see the consequences of both scenarios!

Roodie Boogie
Music and movement

Another core value of this series is the use of music and dance to drive the story forward and also to introduce recurring elements in each episode. The eclectic mix of styles, both in the music and dance, will open the eyes and ears of young viewers to the creative riches in the wider world – from limbo to lambada, hip hop to hoe down!

Key Brand Values

  • Cool, cheeky and inventive characters
  • Discrete positive messages: Friendship, co-operation, safe sun
  • Contemporary comedy that works for kids & parents: Non-worthy, fast-paced harmless fun
  • Distinctive look & sound – cool music is key
  • A rich and immersive online experience
  • Core target: 6 – 9, boys & girls
  • Huge L&M potential: Apparel, toys, DVD, publishing...
  • Eco-friendly: recycling, resourcefulness and respect

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